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5toGrow provides product consultancy services to tackle your product development challenges, ranging from shaping the product concept to meeting specific business goals and needs

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Benefits you get

Expertise and diverse  skill sets

Pay As You Go

access diverse team of experts with a deep understanding of product development, market trends, customer behavior

paying for the specific expertise and services, scale up or down based on demands of your business

Focus on core competencies


delegate the product management tasks and focus on strategic decision-making, vision setting, fundraising

fresh look at your product, new ideas, results-oriented approach


5toGrow is equipped to provide a variety of solutions to overcome the problems faced during the following product stages



Converting idea into a successful product launch can be a challenging undertaking that demands a proper approach and variety of tasks to execute

What we do:

Make sure your idea is feasible, viable, desirable and competitive

Form a robust product concept (strategy, vision)

Develop a prototype to validate the idea before the development

Roadmapping to achieve product goals maintaining high ROI

Evaluation of product's financial capabilities and monetization models

When fundraising is the priority, we adapt our aims and outputs to ensure that it takes center stage of our efforts



In the pursuit of growth, you might struggle to find creative ideas for product improvement, identify and overcome roadblocks

When we are needed:

Growth is lower than expected

Scaling plan is not defined and product strategy review is needed

No solution when facing low conversion/retention/LTV, high churn...

Product management workflow needs strengthening

Absence of framework for collecting user feedback and converting it into value



A well-established company in the process of exploring innovative tactics to take the product to greater heights and penetrate new markets

When we are needed:

Designing new product to broaden the eco-system or enter previously uncharted markets

Upgrading existing products to enhance competitiveness or reach new customer segments

Creating a digital solution to modernize internal operations

Extending your product management team or advancing its workflow to align with scaling strategy


At 5toGrow, we provide ready service packages as well as custom solutions, addressing your specific challenges

Essentials Package

Encompasses deliverables needed to ensure a seamless and successful kickstart of your product journey, smart allocation of financial resources, ensuring a solid foundation for growth

The package covers:

product value proposition discovery, customer persona and user flow, market and competitor analysis, company/product goals setup, monetisation model and more

Advanced Package

Deeper and more sophisticated approach that extends the value with components focused on making the product both more viable in the short-term and solid in the long-term

The package covers:

 Essentials Pack + product roadmap, visualisation elements, financials and unit economics, user journey, metrics setup

Custom Solution

Customised strategy that solves challenges interactively with flexible services aligned precisely with product's current needs 


Our team will conduct discovery sessions with you to compose and estimate a list of deliverables that will generate the most value for your product

Great for Fundraising

PRICE:  $4999

PRICE:  $8999


Fintech company developing financial trading advisory tool with AI risk management system experienced user growth slowdown, lowering conversion rate and UX issues

Origin:        USA

Duration:   3 months

How we work

Our approach revolves around addressing your unique needs. Starting from diving into your product we identify areas for improvement and progress towards crafting the finest recipe. Wrapping up the process, we assist throughout the implementation, and continuously evaluate the outcomes

Product consulting process

Head your product towards excellence 


Artem Zakharov Product Manager
Viktor Mikulin Product Manager

Artem Zakharov


Viktor Mikulin


With a background in economics and finance, I began my career in this field. Later, I decided to launch my first start-up where my passion for product management was ignited. Over the last 5 years, my expertise has been evolving through intensive studying and working on 3 products that I've co-founded. I continue to manage one of them.

Currently I manage one of the start-ups and work as a senior business analyst covering the development of SaaS and FinTech products. I focus on advising founders on product development strategy, building product vision for long-term success, and ensuring that best practices are in place. Over the past 3 years, I have helped 50+ products at different stages of their development. Furthermore, I am involved in integrating a product approach into all processes of the company

I am excited about leveraging my experience to enhance your product

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Throughout the career I bring with me a wealth of experience spanning 12 years across diverse domains including logistics, fintech, renewables, healthcare, blockchain, construction. As a result, I have gathered extensive knowledge and expertise in these industries, allowing me to understand their unique challenges and opportunities.

Over the past 5 years, my focus has been primarily directed towards the development of over 20 cutting-edge technology products. Currently I'm working as Technical Product Manager at SaaS product providing end-to-end paperless workflows. The role is about driving the successful development and delivery of product that meet customer needs, align with business objectives, and create value for both the company and its customers

I look forward to driving growth of your product through the power of technology

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