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Trading advisory tool



Fintech company developing financial trading advisory tool with AI risk management system


The product encountered a user growth stagnation with low Monthly Active Users (MAU), which was mainly caused by complicated onboarding process and issues with product adoption





Fintech, Trading



3 months + ongoing maintenance



increase in Customer activation rate


decrease in average onboarding time


increase in current MAU

Our journey

The client turned to 5toGrow with a problem of user growth slowing down despite the great marketing efforts.

After discussing the pain points and goals our journey began with a series of workshops with client's team where we collected all the information needed to uncover the problems and bottlenecks.


As a result we re-thought onboarding making it faster and better in terms of product adoption, reviewed customer personas for better targeting, analysed user feedback and enhanced user's understanding of product's value.

During our partnership we were intensively involved in the communication with client's team, presented our hypothesis, assisted the dev team on implementing the improvements. Following the main phase completion we keep tracking its outcomes and assist the client on other tasks.

Problems discovered

  • Unnecessary information collected during the onboarding discouraged to complete it

  • Lack of guidance through product's key values for the user

  • Absence of personalization

  • Issues with UX for customers using mobile devices to access the product


  • Refined UX

  • Wireframes

  • Updated customer personas

  • Feedback analysis

  • Customer journey map

  • Key product values definition


Product's CEO

Due to NDA, we cannot display the real name

"Working with the product management team was like having a group of supportive friends by our side. They made the whole journey fun and engaging, from the kick-off to the discovery phase. Their commitment to tracking results and keeping us updated ensured that we achieved success together"

Product's CMO

Due to NDA, we cannot display the real name

"They were able to quickly grasp the complexities of our industry and unearthed problems that were hindering our growth. The proposed solutions were practical and tailored to our specific needs"

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