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NFT Marketplace



NFT platform for digital artists, allowing them to tokenize and sell their digital artworks as NFTs


The product encountered a user growth stagnation with low Monthly Active Users (MAU), the marketplace had classic chicken-egg problem with a lack of artists on the platform








4 months



new artists registered


increase in NFTs uploaded


increase in current MAU

Our journey

First part of our partnership was examination of challenges and identification of potential causes. It helped us to detect the most important issues affecting MAU and low artists acquisition.

We initially streamlined the onboarding process and implemented features to promote NFTs and ensure users were presented with relevant and exciting options.

To address the shortage of artists, we focused on simplifying the minting and listing process while creating a dedicated space for artists to showcase their work and connect with others.

As a result of our revision of client's marketing strategy we focused on leveraging partnerships with influencers and community engagement to expand platform's reach and reputation, attracting a wider range of users and artists

Problems discovered

  • Issues with UX and overcomplicated onboarding process

  • Not entertaining content and poor content consumption process

  • Not intuitive and complicated NFT minting process for artists 

  • Lack of features generating value for artists

  • Poor performing marketing strategy


  • Refined UX for users and artists

  • Feature impact analysis

  • Updated customer personas

  • Marketing strategy guidance

  • Customer journey map

  • Metrics analysis


Product's BDO

Due to NDA, we cannot display the real name

"We partnered with 5toGrow to address some pressing challenges with our product. Their team was incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, and they provided us with a comprehensive solution that addressed both the user and business sides of the equation. We're very happy with the results."

Product's PM

Due to NDA, we cannot display the real name

"5toGrow provided us with a highly tailored solution that addressed our specific product challenges. Their team demonstrated a deep understanding of how to detect the problems and find solutions that are both effective and feasible. It was a great collaboration, I really enjoyed partnering with these guys."

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